Friday February 24th, 2012 07:00 Episode 27: Tough Girl Gangs

Another week, another sexist episode of Silva & Gold! This week we bring you a couple sleazy little 70s girl gang classics. Let the boobie fest commence!

First we talk about Switchblade Sisters, or The Jezebels, from 1975, directed by Jack Hill. Listen in awe as we don’t even realize that an actress with the last name Bruce is Lenny Bruce’s daughter!!

Next we travel to the other side of the globe and cover a pinky violence film in the sukeban series called Girl Boss Guerilla, or Sukeban Gerira, from 1975. <3 REIKO IKE <3

And voicemail

and yammering

and blah blah blah

Music this week:
Medusa – Black Hearted Woman
Wanda Jackson – Fujiyama Mama
The Slits – Typical Girls

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